Diana Good speaking at a Conciliation Resources staff retreat

Formerly a senior international litigation and investigations lawyer and part time judge sitting in the criminal courts, Diana has spent the last 12 years working in international development. She has worked as one of the four founding Commissioners of the aid watchdog, the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI), supervising teams of specialists and evaluators to scrutinise the impact of UK government development expenditure, and as a Specialist Adviser to the International Development Committee in Parliament. 

Diana has a particular focus on good governance, with Board experience including with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, the Access to Justice Foundation, A4ID, as chair of the Mary Ward Settlement, and as an adviser to both CAMFED and Justice Defenders, NGOs which work in Sub Saharan Africa in girls’ education and welfare and prisoners’ access to justice respectively. She also has a focus on safeguarding having twice served as a designated safeguarding trustee. Diana said: 

“I first reviewed Conciliation Resources’ work when I was investigating DFID’s funding to NGOs as an ICAI Commissioner in 2013 and was very impressed. I hadn’t then worked in peacebuilding but I’ve always had a focus on access to justice and good governance and was delighted to become a trustee. In the last four years as a trustee, I’ve learned a great deal and have been very proud to support the amazing work that Conciliation Resources does. There is a yearning for a greater humanity throughout the world and now, of all times, we need more peacebuilding, more listening, more hope, and less division. I’ve always found the spirit of commitment and enthusiasm amongst the staff at Conciliation Resources very inspiring. I know that these are very tough times but Conciliation Resources will rise to the challenge. 

The Board’s remit is to help hold the organisation safe strategically for the future, as well as ensuring that we observe best practice in terms of good governance and compliance. Conciliation Resources has a deservedly huge reputation, and we have received applications from people all over the world with a wealth of experience who are keen to join the Board as we recruit five new trustees. So it’s an exciting time to become the Chair and I’m very proud to be asked to take the role on.”  

Jonathan Cohen, Conciliation Resources’ Executive Director said:

"Diana’s strategic thinking and governance experience has enriched Conciliation Resources’ work to date. As she assumes the role of Chair it will be all the more valuable, supporting us to navigate the challenges presented by increasingly rigorous compliance demands and the changing funding environment. Getting this right provides the foundation for all the peacebuilding work that we do with our partners around the world. “

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