women mediators

Are you using mediation to resolve conflict in your community, or working on formal peace negotiations at the national or regional level? Are you keen to connect with other women to share your experiences of mediation and learn from each other? Are you passionate about expanding the space and opportunities for women in peace processes globally?

If so, membership to the Women Mediators across the Commonwealth (WMC) network might be for you! 

WMC is an innovative new network linking women working in mediation across the globe. The network is supported by Conciliation Resources and is now accepting applications for membership. 

Quhramaana Kakar is the Programme Manager for WMC: 

WMC is a platform for women mediators to link their skills, abilities, personalities -  and their achievements of building peace and overcoming challenges. Bridging the gap between the voices of women and decisions, and enhancing spaces for their participation for a lasting peace, is what WMC envisages to achieve.

This is the only existing network of women mediators with a global reach, and its strength lies in the diversity of its membership. The network will create a community of practice and provide opportunities for women mediators to strengthen their existing capacities through peer-to-peer learning and targeted training. 

Mossarat Qadeem is a member of the network, and co-founder of the PAIMAN Alumni Trust, an organisation working to prevent and counter violent extremism in Pakistan:

Since time immemorial women have been engaged in mediation - the worth and the agency of women as effective mediators needs to be recognised and valued today, and I think this forum is so important for that. I joined this group of women because I think it is important for women like us, who have been working at the local level, to link that local experience and expertise to the global level.

WMC plans for the next eighteen months include training and networking workshops across the Commonwealth; peer-to-peer mentoring; and advocacy on the role of women as mediators at international, national and local levels.

WMC is funded by the UK Government. Conciliation Resources provides the secretariat for WMC, responsible for establishing the network and implementing activities. 

The deadline for this second round of applications is 16 January 2019. Please visit the WMC page for more information and for a link to the application form.