Women peacebuilders in Liberia

Over two decades later, this principle is still at the very heart of our peacebuilding work. In our new timeline, we take you on a journey through the past 25 years, from the civil war in Sierra Leone and the birth of our Accord publication series, to the creation of a dynamic new network of women mediators. 

From small beginnings, with two second-hand computers and a donated office space, we now have over 60 staff working with more than 70 partners in eight different regions of the world, helping people affected by conflict achieve lasting peace. 

While our work, experience and influence has grown, our approach and ethos remains constant. Despite the often unpredictable nature of the contexts in which we work, our core values of collaboration, commitment, creativity and challenge are ever-present. 

Conciliation Resources has devoted itself to the slow, painstaking and often arduous
work of building peace.
David Donoghue
Former Irish Ambassador and Chair of Conciliation Resources' Board of Trustees

Building sustainable peace doesn’t happen overnight, which is why we are committed to working alongside our partners, for however long they need us. In the Caucasus, some of our partners have worked with us for over twenty years, with courage, dedication, and a conviction that lasting peace is possible. We think about our work in terms of years, not months, and this means we can develop relationships of trust. Where there is trust, it is easier for all sides to take cautious steps towards peace.

Over the next year we will be celebrating our anniversary through specific events and communications. However, we are not complacent. From 2020, we are embarking on delivery of a new Strategic Plan and we strive to continually learn from, and improve, the work we are doing ensuring that we and others are able to make peace possible for more people around the world.

Explore our timeline to find out more about our work and achievements over the past 25 years.