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In addition to the main Briefing Paper and a Summary and Key Findings, an Examples Supplement provides practical examples from conflict contexts where futures thinking approaches have been applied to illustrate how different methodologies have played out in practice. The Transformative Scenarios Process (TSP) Supplement provides a deep dive into one well-documented methodology tried and tested in various conflict settings which appears to hold much potential to contribute to peace processes.

While futures thinking methodologies are already being applied in peacebuilding practice - often intuitively - the paper proposes a more intentional and proactive future-focused approach in the design and implementation of mediation, reconciliation and peace processes. It explains how futures thinking can help shift dynamics and open up new possibilities at different points in a process and provides some insights and pointers for practitioners on how to design and implement a futures thinking initiative. In doing so, it draws on knowledge and experience in the peacebuilding and futures thinking worlds that have not been brought together before.

While futures thinking is not a panacea for resolving conflict or a substitute for other approaches to peacebuilding, in our blog we delve into the potential it can bring to conflict transformation and peacebuilding. 

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