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Conciliation Resources started out with two second-hand computers and a vision to support people working to bring peace to their war-torn societies. We have grown into an organisation of over 60 skilled and committed staff, with a network of more than 80 partners, that is integrated into a global community of peer organisations – people who every day make building better peace a reality.

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Find out more about our 25 years of making peace possible.

How we make a difference

With our courageous partners, and the vital support of our donors, we are helping people living with conflict to reduce and prevent violence in their communities. And we are guiding countries that have suffered decades of war, on to the path to peace. 

Our history

We are proud to have been working to build peace for over 25 years. The staunch conviction of our founders, Andy Carl and David Lord, was that people living in areas of violent conflict should be involved in its resolution. Over two decades later, this principle still forms the basis of our approach.

What is peacebuilding?

Peacebuilding seeks to address the underlying causes of conflict, helping people to resolve their differences peacefully and lay the foundations to prevent future violence.