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Strengthening ceasefires through monitoring

This publication explores the following areas:

  • Key considerations for effective ceasefire monitoring
  • What is ceasefire monitoring and verification?
  • Why monitor ceasefires?
  • When is ceasefire monitoring not appropriate?
  • Who monitors?
  • Developments in ceasefire monitoring: Civil society and civilian involvement; and new technology

This Accord Spotlight was authored by Cate Buchanan, Govinda Clayton and Alexander Ramsbotham. Its findings were informed by four joint analysis workshops organised by Conciliation Resources and the Political Settlements Research Programme (PRSP) in late 2020. The workshops, which focused on ceasefire processes in Colombia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine, brought together more than 200 participants including practitioners, policymakers, donors, conflict parties, civil society leaders and researchers.

This report is part of a body of work on ceasefires produced collectively by the PRSP. PRSP is funded by UK Aid from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for the benefit of developing countries.