European Union flags flying outside buildings of the EU institutions in central Brussels.

Conciliation Resources formed a strategic partnership with Brussels-based mediation support organisation, mediatEUr in 2019. This gradually brought together the work of both organisations in support of peace processes around the world, until in 2021, mediatEUr was renamed Conciliation Resources EU*.

Conciliation Resources EU has built up a strong reputation in Brussels and with other EU countries since it began in 2007.  Developing a solid track record of providing mediation support services, training and personnel deployments, we continue to focus on geographic and thematic areas which align with EU interests, in particular: 

Conciliation Resources EU represents Conciliation Resources with EU officials and peer organisations in Brussels, including the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO). As a member of the EPLO we take part in Civil Society and Dialogue Network Discussions with EU officials and contribute to the development of policy on mediation and conflict prevention for the EU and in support of national governments. We are part of consortia implementing two EU service contracts: the European Resources for Mediation Support (ERMES) and the Facility on Justice in Conflict and Transitions (FJCT). 

On this website, you can find further Information about Conciliation Resources EU’s past mediation training and deployments and work on technology for peace, including our Voices of Syria platform; as well as mediatEUr’s annual reports.

Conciliation Resources EU governance

Conciliation Resources EU (Conciliation Resources (CR) EU/mediatEUr e.V.) is a not for profit German Association (registered VR 27146 B). Conciliation Resources EU has been operating out of Brussels since 2007.

Conciliation Resources consists of three operational hubs, in the UK (Conciliation Resources UK), Australia (Conciliation Resources Australia) and Belgium (Conciliation Resources EU), and additional programme offices in selected other locations.

Each operational hub is governed by a separate board of trustees, but with a shared vision, purpose, values and Strategic Plan

Further details for each office, including Conciliation Resources EU, can be found on the Contact page (or footer at the bottom of the website). You can reach our Brussels office on: +32 (0)2 230 00 15.

For more information on our Conciliation Resources EU team, please see our Staff page, and for global Conciliation Resources policies please visit our policies page.

*Conciliation Resources EU is officially registered as a not for profit association in Germany: Conciliation Resources EU/mediatEUr e.V (VR 27146 B).