Chakothi a Kashmiri from the Line of Control, ready for reception

Peacebuilding in the dictionary

What is peacebuilding?

Peacebuilding seeks to address the underlying causes of conflict, helping people to resolve their differences peacefully and lay the foundations to prevent future violence.

Champion the message of peace 

War and violent conflict cause death, destruction and mass displacement. But the money spent on military forces worldwide far outstrips investment in peacebuilding.

Often governments and international organisations respond to war in ways that make it even harder to end cycles of violence in the long term. But there is another way. There are many people in many countries, who are finding durable ways to prevent and address violence.

Peacebuilding works!

When you bring people together to discuss their issues, peace is possible.

When you involve everyone touched by a conflict in the processes to resolve it, peace is possible.

When you find ways to build confidence between different sides of a conflict, peace is possible. 

Unfortunately, peacebuilding is still not the default response to most conflict. We need your help to tell others about how we can tackle conflict and end cycles of violence. Encourage international organisations, governments and individuals to seek alternative responses to prevent war and build peace. 

Whether you live in an area experiencing violence or not, everyone understands the pain of division, conflict and separation. Help us tell others what can be done!

What can you do?

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Community meeting in Dungu, DRC

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