Mediation Support

Mediation is vital in ensuring different sides of a conflict arrive at an agreement. We improve mediation processes by providing support and advice to mediators and peace negotiations.

In order to create peace, the parties involved in the conflict need to agree on how to end the fighting and move forwards. However, these peace talks often fail or the agreements don’t last. Many peace deals are struck between elites without involving the populations, or the balance of power is strongly on one side, making negotiations difficult. 


    Signing of peace deal in Ethiopia
    Mediation support

    To create agreements that last, peace talks need to address the grievances driving the conflict and so be informed by the views of the wider population and complexities of each conflict. They need to be well facilitated and create opportunities for meaningful participation. We provide support and guidance to facilitators of official peace processes, and links to wider peace initiatives. Sharing our experience from other conflicts, we help inform and improve processes of mediation.

    Mossarat Qadeem, Co-founder of the PAIMAN Alumni Trust

    Women are I think the best when it comes to resolving community feuds, but when it comes to the national the regional, and the international level, women are never there in the peace negotiation. So we have to the world that since we have been the best at the local, we have to be the best and the perfect one for the international and for the global mediation.

    Mossarat Qadeem, Co-founder of the PAIMAN Alumni Trust
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