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Unsticking stalled peace processes: insider mediator perspectives from Myanmar

Pioneering peace pathways

In the Myanmar peace process, I wear various hats: technical adviser for the ethnic armed groups or organisations (referred to as EAOs); co-facilitator of the main committee of the formal political dialogue between these EAOs, the government and the Tatmadaw (the Myanmar army); leader of a peacebuilding NGO; and member of an ethnic minority group with a stake in a more inclusive country.

Mediation training and deployment

Including women in grassroots peacebuilding

Connecting women mediators across the Commonwealth

Women Mediators across the Commonwealth

Peace processes that involve women are more likely to last. We are supporting a new network of women mediators to increase the participation of women in peace processes and mediation at a local, national, and global level.

Negotiating peace in Ethiopia

Mediation Support

Mediation is vital in ensuring different sides of a conflict arrive at an agreement. We improve mediation processes by providing support and advice to mediators and peace negotiations.

International Contact Group on Mindanao

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