Border community security: Mano River Union region

Aug 2013
This research report presents key findings from the selected border region locations in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. It outlines key challenges to border communities in the region, with the aim of informing policy dialogues with relevant national government authorities on cross-border community security.

La sécurité dans les communautés frontalières de la région de l’Union du fleuve Mano

Aug 2013

La manière dont les relations ethniques, culturelles et sociales s'étendent à travers les frontières nationales fait partie de la richesse de la région du fleuve Mano, mais elle a également contribué à l'expérience complexe et conflictuelle de la région ces deux dernières décennies.

Cette publication de recherche, crée en partenariat avec les ONG locales et les communautés frontalières des pays du fleuve Mano, a pour but de sensibiliser le public aux questions liées à l'insécurité communautaire aux frontières et aux moyens d'améliorer les politiques.

Governance and Transparency Fund: Annual Report 5

Jun 2013

This is Conciliation Resources' fifth and final annual report for the Department for International Development's Global and Transparency Fund. The report covers the period 1 April 2012 – 31 March 2013 and relates to Conciliation Resources' work to increase government accountability in conflict zones through public participation in policymaking. The regions the project focuses on are West Africa, Uganda/South Sudan, the Georgian–Abkhaz conflict region, and Fiji.

Case study: Sierra Leone

Accord Insight: Women building peace
Mar 2013
As part of a set of case studies shedding light on the role of women in peacebuilding, Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff's article is taken from Accord issue 9 (2000), focusing on Sierra Leone.

Event on 31 Oct in Washington: From Conflict Analysis to Peacebuilding Impact

Oct 2012
This panel discussion on 31 October 2012 features two speakers from Conciliation Resources, who will present the conclusions of the People's Peacemaking Perspectives (PPP) project.

Introduction: peacebuilding in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Elizabeth Drew and Alexander Ramsbotham introduce the publication and outline some of the challenges facing present day Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Electing for peace in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Frances Fortune and Oscar Bloh describe relationships between elections, democratisation, violence and peace in Liberia and Sierra Leone – and their own experiences with Search for Common Ground to promote people’s participation.

Human security in Liberia: Local perspectives on formal and informal security sectors

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Richard Reeve and Jackson Speare draw on local people's perspectives to review the current state of Liberia's security sector. Despite formal efforts, rural areas are still poorly policed, women are wary of security structures, and tensions remain between formal efforts and customary security arrangements.

Fambul Tok: reconciling communities in Sierra Leone

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
John Caulker describes the creation of Fambul Tok in Sierra Leone in 2008, and promotes the importance of locally led, self-sustaining, community reconciliation in light of the poorly implemented provisions of the Sierra Leonean Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Conclusion: consolidating peace

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
This conclusion to Accord 23 makes suggestions for peacebuilding policy and practice. It argues that peacebuilding policy needs to concentrate more on people, and building relationships between communities, and between communities and the state.


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