Invest in Peace

War is not the answer

Why support us?

Conflict is one of the greatest barriers to development and poverty reduction – not to mention its devastating human cost. The conflicts in the world cannot be solved by military means alone – we need to invest more in efforts to preserve peace before wars break out and to build peace after wars have ended. 

Conciliation Resources support people and communities living amidst conflict to find their own solutions to the conflicts affecting them and achieve lasting peace.

How your donation helps

By donating to Conciliation Resources, you will be helping to transform the lives of those most affected by conflict. See below for some examples of how our work is helping to prevent the outbreak of violence and build peace:

Empowering youth gang members in Nigeria to resolve conflicts peacefully and promote religious and ethnic tolerance.
Learn more about our work in Nigeria

Supporting women in Kashmir to build bridges across religious, political and geographic divides.
Learn more about our work in Kashmir

Facilitating the return and successful reintegration of women and children abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army.
Learn more about our work with the LRA conflict

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