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Building peace takes time

By supporting Conciliation Resources with a regular gift or donation you'll enable us to be there as long as we’re needed to provide advice, support and practical resources to people living in the midst of conflict. We work closely with groups and individuals from all sections of society to ensure that people directly affected by conflict are involved in its resolution.

You can support this ongoing core peacebuilding work by making a donation today.

Support our partners to put women at the heart of conflict transformation

If you'd prefer, you can specifically support women's peacebuilding work by donating below to the areas where you think your help is needed most. Women play key roles in transforming conflict yet their views continue to be left out of peace processes. This needs to change.

Dialogue creates a bond between women. Women have common issues and this creates a single peace voice from different regions that is very strong. They are excited when they find that shared space.

Abineet Prashar, teacher and women's development worker from Jammu. Participant in a Conciliation Resources study visit 2011

Conciliation Resources and our partners support local women affected by conflict so that they are empowered to bring their experiences and perspectives to peace negotiations. We work to amplify their voices about how peace could return to their communities. Donate below to directly support these individual projects.

Help women in the Democratic Republic of Congo cope with the LRA conflict

ROFU (Réseau des Organisations de Femmes des Uélés), our partner network, provides women who have suffered due to LRA attacks, and been ostracised by their families and communities as a result, with a safe and secure place to meet, speak about their experience and find friendship and a sense of community again.

Violence devastates lives; we support people to build peace.

Provide leadership training to young women in Fiji

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement trains young women to be future leaders and peacebuilders. The aim is that they can challenge the inequalities women in their communities face and contribute to bringing peace to their country.

We know that building peace takes time and so make commitments for the long-term.

Give Kashmiri women a voice in how peace could return to their region

Conciliation Resources hosts “conversations” with Kashmiri women to enable them to speak openly about the conflict and explore how they can be peacebuilders in their communities.

Including different local perspectives and empowering women from diverse backgrounds to advocate for change at a national and regional level is a crucial step towards a durable peace.

Support women traders in West Africa to improve security in their border towns

Conciliation Resources holds community meetings in border areas where women traders are able to voice their concerns about border insecurity to local and national policymakers. For many of the women we work with, this is the first time they are able to speak up and be heard.

Including all voices is vital for the creation of a just and lasting peace.

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