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Interview - Repairing damage made by LRA is vital Multimedia
Journalist Laura Angela Bagnetto, of Radio France International spoke to Father Ernest Sugule, a peace mediator from Dungu, DRC, working with Conciliation Resources, about how repairing the fragile community structure is vital.
New report sheds light on cross-border violence between Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia News
A new report by the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University and peacebuilding NGO Conciliation Resources takes a look at the source of mounting insecurity, its impact on people and on diplomatic relations between governments in the region, asking: what can be done at a regional level?
Peace is Possible Comment
September 21st is World Peace Day. Can such an idea ever be more than an aspiration? Is world peace possible? If we mean resolving or preventing violent conflict, then the answer must surely be “Yes”.
Conflict – look closer: New Peace Day animation on how to win the peace Multimedia
To mark UN International Day of Peace and the 20th Anniversary of Conciliation Resources, we launched a new animation, Conflict – Look Closer which calls for a commitment to investing in peacebuilding alternatives to prevent and resolve violent conflict.

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About us

Conciliation Resources is a peacebuilding NGO supporting people at the heart of conflicts who are striving to find solutions. We work with them to deepen our collective understanding of the conflict, bring together divided communities and create opportunities for them to resolve their differences peacefully.

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We support people living in conflict to find their own solutions and achieve lasting peace. We believe that there are alternatives to violence. If you do too, help us make a difference by investing in peace.

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