Dealing with the past

In moving forwards towards peace, it is important that the legacies of war and violence are addressed. We work on the memory and narrative around conflict, to avoid them continuing to feed into future violence.

The end of fighting does not equal the resolution of conflict. Historical grievances and the legacies of past conflict can continue to fuel ongoing conflict. The root causes of conflict and past legacies need to be dealt with, if a society is to have a just and lasting peace.

    Members of Diaspora Women in London
    Our response

    We focus on identifying the impact that violent conflict has had on groups and individuals within society, as well as the underlying factors driving conflict. And we strive to understand the various perspectives held by the different sides of a conflict. Then we work with the people affected, to create solutions which deal with the causes and consequences of conflict, and take steps towards peace.

    Focus Topic

    Our work in action

    We work to address the legacies conflict has left within societies, in order for people to move forwards and build peace.