East and Central Africa

In East and Central Africa, we focus on peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the intercommunal conflict in the Central African Republic, and the political crisis in South Sudan.

A lack of strong governance, particularly in border areas, has allowed armed groups to take control of large swaths of East and Central Africa. This, coupled with the marginalisation of communities, and mistrust between the population and governments is perpetuating violence across the region. 

    Local Peace Committee in Bria
    Central African Republic

    Since violence broke out in 2013, huge efforts have been made to bring the Central African Republic back from the brink of armed conflict. In a society dominated by divisions and mistrust, we have established community peace committees. They are essential to resolving community-level conflict and act as vital link between communities and armed groups.

    Community meeting in Dungu, DRC
    Democratic Republic of Congo

    The rise of the Lord’s Resistance Army and criminal gangs in the border regions of Democratic Republic of Congo, and the absence of effective governance and security have combined to form a deadly mixture of violent crime, land-based conflict and displacement. We work with young people, civil society groups and the military to help improve relationships so these groups can tackle the conflicts they face together. 

    A former market in Unity State. Credit: Robert Oxley/DFID CC 2.0
    South Sudan

    The optimism that greeted South Sudan’s independence in 2011 was shattered two years later when political disagreement plunged the country into civil war. 3.9 million people have now been displaced from their homes. We’re supporting displaced women and refugees to prevent violence and re-build relationships within their communities.

    Prosper Ndimbo

    We have been working with young people living in areas heavily affected by displacement and insecurity in Bossangoa. We’ve trained young people in peacebuilding skills including how to identify and analyse conflicts in their community, develop action plans for addressing these conflicts, and how to put the action plans into practice in their everyday life.  

    Prosper Ndimbo
    Central African Republic
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    Our work in action

    Across East and Central Africa, we work alongside communities living with conflict, to help them find paths away from violence. Explore our work in action.
    Conciliation Resources' partners talking in a meeting in Central African Republic

    Our partners in East and Central Africa

    Our programme partners are at the heart of what we do. These relationships, often developed over years and even decades, are crucial to making peace possible.