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Peaceful solution to the Afghan issue: Statement by the Taliban Political Office in Qatar

What pathways does the Taliban’s Political Office in Qatar see towards a political solution to violent conflict in Afghanistan?
M. Suhail Shaheen, Spokesman for the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, puts forward a Taliban perspective on prospects for a negotiated end to the violence and inclusive governance.

Issue editor

Dr Anna Larson


Dr Anna Larson is the Accord 27 Issue Editor and a Senior Teaching Fellow in Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She has worked as a researcher in Afghanistan, writing on politics, democratisation and peace in Afghanistan since 2005. Anna is co-author with Noah Coburn of Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan: Elections in an Unstable Political Landscape(Columbia, 2014), and holds a PhD in post-war recovery from the University of York.

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