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Jul 2014
David Anderson QC, the UK’s Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, has recommended greater dialogue between charities and government departments on counter-terrorism policies. We explain why this recommendation is necessary and welcomed by peacebuilders.
Jun 2014
From 10-13 June 2014, the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict will take place at the ExCel Centre in London. As part of the summit, Conciliation Resources is organising two free, open events.
May 2014
The city of Jos in the middle belt of Nigeria was tragically hit by bombs on 20 and 24 May 2014. As local reactions form, community cohesion will be essential in preventing reprisal attacks. Read more about the community-led projects in Jos, which are helping to prevent further violence by strengthening communities.
May 2014
For the first time, all 25 editions of Conciliation Resources' Accord publications are now available to download as free e-books. Download your copies now!
May 2014
With the signing of the Mindanao peace agreement in March the demand for increased jobs and development is high. During a visit by an EU delegation local business community came together to discuss future economic development and expectations.


Jul 2014
As the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front meet in Kuala Lumpur, Froilyn Mendoza, founder of TLWOI, shares how she and other indigenous women are fighting for their voices to be heard in the new Bangsamoro Basic Law.


Jul 2014
Watch an expert panel discussion and television interview looking at perspectives for peace for Nagorny Karabakh and the current status and challenges of the area.
Jun 2014
Twenty years on from the ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia, two photojournalists have released a selection of their photographs taken in the run up to and during the Nagorny Karabakh war.
May 2014
For the first time, filmmakers from both sides of the Line of Control have collaboratively made a film on life in Jammu and Kashmir. In this interview one of the Directors of the film, Muhammad Arif Uri, and documentary filmmaker Mohammad Irfan Dar discuss what it was like to work on the project.

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19 May 2014
For the first time, film makers from both sides of the Line of Control have collaboratively made a film on life in Jammu and Kashmir. Faith Divided looks at the impact of conflict on the lives of communities on either side of the divide.


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