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Feb 2015

Congratulations to our partners, the Women, Peace and Security Collective for Reflection and Action for receiving the 2015 Pax Christi International Peace Award. This prize serves as an acknowledgement of their tireless work to promote peace at community level in Colombia and challenge women’s traditionally limited peacebuilding roles. 

Jan 2015
The Karabakh Contact Group – an initiative to bring together Armenian and Azerbaijani experts to discuss the Nargorny Karabakh conflict – met in December in Washington.
Nov 2014
Conciliation Resources has been featured in The Guardian. Our partner Harold Aidoo, Executive Director of the Institute for Research and Democratic Development in Liberia, writes about cross-border areas in West Africa, some of the worst hit by Ebola. In his article, he describes the challenges of uniting communities amidst growing fear, hostility and mistrust.
Oct 2014
Despite the fact that women play important roles in relation to peace and security, the international media continues to portray them as victims in armed conflict. Sanne Tielemans adresses this subject in her article titled: Where are the Women? Building Peace beyond the Negotiating Table, published on Alliance for Peacebuilding's Building Peace Forum.
Oct 2014
A recent Summit held on 26 September brought together representatives from Mindanao’s numerous indigenous groups to learn about how their rights will be protected in the newly endorsed Bangsamoro Basic Law, and to develop consensus points for common understanding.


Jan 2015
In these short films, you can see the work of a group of young aspiring Armenian and Azerbaijani video journalists that came together to complete a one-year film-production study programme at the 'Dialogue Through Film Academy'.
Jan 2015
Watch our 2014 highlights video and discover the stories behind the headlines
Dec 2014
This stark photo essay captures the plight of civilians in parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army.
Dec 2014
Conciliation Resources has shot exclusive footage in northeast DRC about this forgotten crisis, where people feel abandoned by their government and the international community.
Oct 2014
In these short videos, key female activists involved in the Colombia and Philippines peace processes share their favourite peacebuilding stories and discuss the important role of women in conflict resolution.


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