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This booklet calls on everyone to be involved and aims to help you understand the constitution process. While much of its content is specific to Fiji it will be of interest to anyone interested in finding out about what a constitution is and why it's important.

  • What is a constitution?
  • Fiji's constitutional timetable
  • Civic education phase
  • Consultations and submissions phase
  • So how do you get involved?
  • The content of your submission
  • Some 'food for thought' questions
  • The Bill of Rights
  • Drafting: Constitution Commission phase
  • Consideration and approval: Constituent Assembly phase
  • What next?

This booklet and an accompanying microsite drew inspiration from two events: a CCF-sponsored public lecture at University of South Pacific by Professor Cheryl Saunders in November 2011, and the book launch in January 2012 of Constitution-making and reform: options for the process. Both events placed particular emphasis on public participation in constitution-making.