Veronika Fawad

Job Title
Project Manager, Smart Peace

Veronika Fawad

Veronika coordinates our Smart Peace Programme. She works with our six international consortium partners, and across other teams within Conciliation Resources to ensure the successful implementation of activities. Before working on the Smart Peace Programme, Veronika supported the Accord, Policy and Learning Team. She coordinated the production and outreach of major Accord publications, including on Afghanistan and Borderlands, and lead on a research consortium, Peace Research Partnership.

Prior to joining Conciliation Resources in 2016, Veronika worked on the Mayors for Peace Project at Manchester City Council, as well as an Administrator and Project Coordinator at Masaryk University. Veronika gained an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Manchester. Her thesis focused on the role of public space in segregated urban environments. Veronika is fluent in English and Czech.