Tala Abdulhadi

Job Title
Programme Officer, Papua New Guinea

Tala Abdulhadi

Growing up in an area characterised by violence and conflict has exposed Tala to the world of mediation, conflict analysis and resolution from an early age. Tala has always strived to find creative and sustainable solutions that could bring long-lasting peace and security. 

After completing a master’s degree in development studies from the University of Sydney, Tala had the opportunity to deliver strategic management and planning consultancies for various international development programmes and projects funded by the European Commission, the World Bank, among others. 

Prior to joining Conciliation Resources, Tala accumulated substantial experience in building the capacities of local civil society actors through co-designing and implementing projects serving the CALD communities in Victoria.  

In addition, Tala has produced several studies through conducting gender-focused theoretical and empirical research. Based on research findings and analysis, Tala has developed policy briefs and position papers for several clients and organisations and has participated in critical consultation and discussion processes with policy makers and international, regional and local civil society actors.