Teresa joined Conciliation Resources in November 2010 as manager of the People's Peacemaking Perspectives project. She now helps shape our work as Head of Policy and Learning. 

Teresa worked for a number of years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development, including as a research analyst, as a political officer at the British Embassy Paris and four years managing the UK Government's Russia-CIS Conflict Prevention Pool. She has also worked as a consultant to NGOs working in the field of peacebuilding, advising on monitoring and evaluation and conducting project reviews.

In July 2015 Teresa was appointed Senior Research Fellow within the Conflict Analysis Research Centre (CARC) at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent.

Teresa has a PhD in History and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Cambridge, and a BA in European Studies (French and Russian) from the University of Bath. 

Job Title: 
Director of Policy and Learning