Gabriel Nuckhir

Job Title
Inclusion and Peacebuilding Adviser

Gabriel Nuckhir

Gabriel works to advance the incorporation of comprehensive and nuanced gender perspectives into peace and security initiatives. He enjoys supporting Conciliation Resources' staff and partners to integrate gender-sensitivity across their peacebuilding portfolio, as well as contributing to national and international discourse and policy development on Gender, Peace, and Security issues.

Gabriel brings expert advice and guidance on the integration of gender into research, analysis, programming design and implementation, training and facilitation, advocacy, and institutional systems.

Gabriel has previously collaborated on peacebuilding initiatives with individuals, communities, organisations, networks, governments, and multilateral institutions in conflict-affected contexts, working in Asia, Africa, The Caucasus, and The Middle East. His experience spans several sectors, including international non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, and the UK Civil Service, as well as civil society organisations and activist movements. He has an MSc. in Applied Peace and Conflict Studies and a BSc. in Psychology.