Building peace is complex and long-term – it requires patience, perseverance and commitment. We make an impact at different levels of society: community, political and international.

What separately are small steps – to change attitudes, develop understanding, encourage discussion and empower civil society - together can have a big impact on resolving conflict and preventing future violence.

Some of our recent achievements

Accord, policy and practice: demonstrated public support for peacebuilding

A public opinion survey we conducted with the Alliance for Peacebuilding, in the UK, US and Germany in 2017, revealed strong public support for peacebuilding and contact with armed groups as part of peace processes. The results of the survey were shared widely online and gained media attention.

Caucasus: engaged youth in important discussions on conflict and peacebuilding

Research we undertook to feed into the Global Progress Report on UN Security Council Resolution 2250 – Youth, Peace and Security – provided access to youth perspectives on both sides of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict divide. In total, we consulted 99 young people through 14 focus group discussions.

South Asia: increased interaction between policymakers from India and Pakistan

We successfully engaged key influencers in New Delhi and Islamabad, as well as from across Jammu and Kashmir, increasing collaboration between them. A number of dialogue events and meetings brought together senior policymakers, and participants emphasised the need for promoting regional cooperation and renewing dialogue.

Southeast Asia: provided mediation support to peace negotiations

As part of the International Contact Group, we have previously given and continue to provide support to the peace process between the Government of the Philippines and MILF. In addition, in 2017 the government and NDF negotiation panel requested Conciliation Resources to facilitate meetings – particularly in the areas of human rights and ceasefires.

Pacific: strengthened peacebuilding capacities of ex-combatant leaders

Our partner in Bougainville increased the analysis and peacebuilding skills of a group of 41 mid- and senior-level ex-combatant leaders from across Bougainville. This training improved the ability of this core group of Bougainville leaders to respond to conflict issues and threats to stability.

Horn of Africa: collated and fed diverse views into the Ogaden peace process

A peace and development conference we convened in Nairobi brought together diverse sectors of society from the Ogaden region – including elders, intellectuals, business people, diaspora, refugees, religious leaders, women and youth. As a result of the conference and prior consultations, a committee was formed which has been engaging with the conflict parties to feed perspectives of the participants into the formal peace process.

East and Central Africa: supported excluded women to engage in peacebuilding

We strengthened the skills, capacities and knowledge of women, including those in remote rural areas, enabling them to better advocate for peace. Through delivering training of trainers sessions and utilising a strong network of women across LRA-affected areas, we enabled 14 women peacebuilders to pass on their expertise to 662 others in twelve months, 400 of whom were women at the grassroots.

West Africa: established a strong network of peace platforms in northeast Nigeria to engage youth

During 2017, we supported over 550 youth from eleven communities to form a network of youth coalitions committed to promoting messages of peace and tolerance. Through these Youth Peace Platforms, young people rebuilt their confidence, processed the traumas they have experienced, analysed conflicts and voiced their needs and concerns.

Latin America: enabled the psychosocial healing and empowerment of Colombian diaspora women

The completion of a pilot phase of the Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission of Colombian Women in the diaspora, resulted in collating a total of 84 testimonies, and involving over 400 women across London and Barcelona.