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Drawing on Conciliation Resources’ organisational strengths and peacebuilding experience, we have set ourselves the following overarching ambition over the next five years: Conciliation Resources will make significant and documented contributions to preventing and transforming violent conflicts and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.
This will be achieved through three goals:
1. Causes and drivers of conflict are peacefully transformed. As a result of our support, relationships, governance practices and structures, and legacies of violence, which are obstacles to sustainable peace, are addressed.
2. Approaches to building peace support inclusion. As a result of our engagement, expertise and resources, peacebuilding and conflict prevention practice is more inclusive.
3. Policy is prioritising conflict prevention and peacebuilding. As a result of our efforts, relevant policymakers at international, national and regional levels make investments in long-term, non-violent approaches to preventing armed conflict and building peace, and in those working for peace in conflict contexts.