Talking Peace in the Ogaden
Zuleika Sedgley Mon, 06/02/2014 - 18:35
This report outlines the modern history of ethnic Somalis in Ethiopia, from the late 19th century to the present day. As peace talks continue, it assesses prospects for a peaceful settlement between the Ethiopian government and the Ogaden National Liberation Front rebel movement.

Listening to young people associated with armed groups in northwestern Central African Republic

Conciliation Resources and Femme Homme Action Plus (FHAP) carried out a Listening Exercise with young people associated with armed groups in Paoua (Ouham-Pendé prefecture), Central African Republic.  The aim was to understand young peoples’ reasons for joining armed groups, their life in the armed groups, as well as pathways for demobilisation and challenges they faced when returning to their communities.

Annual Review 2019
Flora Cassels Mon, 06/15/2020 - 14:49
To celebrate our 25th anniversary this special illustrated edition of our 2019 Annual Review provides a glimpse into the creative and practical steps Conciliation Resources has taken to bring people closer towards peace this past year.

Peace and security in the Central African Republic

After several failed peace processes, a peace accord was signed in 2019 by the Central African Republic government and 14 armed groups. With the country now preparing for elections in December 2020, this research looks to understand the views of local communities in Bossangoa and the Western Border Zones, in order to inform effective, proactive policy during this crucial period and beyond.

Promoting inclusion through local peace structures

Local peace structures can play multiple roles in reinforcing inclusive forms of local governance, from diffusing local tensions between groups to building consensus on how to create and sustain legitimate institutions. Yet societal divides, weak institutions and dysfunctional politics in confict-affected contexts pose challenges for their ability to do so.

The Voices of Central Bougainville’s Unheard Veterans

Nearly two decades since the Bougainville Peace Agreement ended almost a decade of violent conflict, there has been significant progress towards peace. But legacies of the conflict still present challenges for former combatants and the communities they live in.

Realm of the possible: Gal/i

The Gal/i region has long been a focus for controversy in the Georgian-Abkhaz context. It is the southernmost district of Abkhazia, and highly populated by ethnic Georgians, whose living conditions, identity and rights are contested issues that create an uncertain outlook for the future.

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