Gender-sensitive conflict analysis facilitators guide

This guide is intended to support facilitators to undertake a participatory gender-sensitive conflict analysis and provides step-by-step guidance and tools to analyse gender, peace, violence and conflict for any conflict context. Gender-sensitive conflict analysis is the starting point to understanding and transforming the ways in which gender inequality causes conflict and discrimination, fuels exclusionary politics and causes violence against some groups in society.

The following documents are available to download below: 1) Full Gender-sensitive conflict analysis facilitators guide 2) Guide without annexes and 3) Annexes 1-3.

Parts of a Circle film brochure

This short publication, which accompanies the Parts of a Circle documentary film series on the history of the Karabakh war, provides an opportunity to engage with personal perspectives from key individuals involved in the production of the film series about the challenges they faced and what the experience meant to them.

Learning from partnership

Donor governments and multilateral institutions recognise that a diverse, resilient and effective civil society is key to increased peace and stability in conflict-affected contexts. Yet in practice, there are often obstacles which make donor support difficult. This briefing paper explores through two case studies how a particular approach to civil society engagement functions effectively to facilitate peaceful change.

Gender and conflict analysis toolkit for peacebuilders

This Toolkit provides practical guidance to peacebuilding practitioners on gender and conflict analysis. It is based on Conciliation Resources' experience in conflict-affected contexts and draws on our participatory approach to conflict analysis. The Toolkit was developed over a two-year time frame and involved various members of staff, partners, and numerous external experts.

Inclusion in practice: Examining gender-sensitive conflict analysis

This practice paper examines the experiences of peacebuilding practitioners and policy actors in undertaking gender-sensitive conflict analysis and integrating that analysis into programming and policymaking in conflict-affected contexts. It aims to identify and promote good practice by exploring the challenges faced by different actors in doing this work and identifying lessons learned from their experiences.

Partnership in peacebuilding

This report offers insights and lessons from Conciliation Resources' own practice and approach to partnering. It is part of a study into how partnership between international non-governmental organisations and civil society organisation and networks in conflict-affected contexts can support inclusive and transformative peacebuilding. Our research explored the rationale and assumptions behind Conciliation Resources’ partnering approach and looked at how these play out in practice.

Bougainville peace process literacy kit

With support and input from Conciliation Resources, the Bougainville Inter-Church Women’s Forum (BICWF) developed this Melanesian pidgin literacy kit based on materials about the conflict and peace process for use in critical literacy (popular education) training workshops across Bougainville.
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