Peace at the hard-edge of conflict

Pioneers of peace often come from communities experiencing violence. Living at the hard-edge of conflict, they feel its effects every day – and are often best placed to understand its causes.

Around the world, local communities are working together to better understand the conflicts that affect their lives, and work towards a solution.  They’re bringing divided people together to overcome their differences, encouraging armed fighters to lay down their weapons, and working with those in power to bring about lasting change. 

    Community dialogue in Democratic Republic of Congo
    Community peace structures

    Community peace structures exist around the world, in countries that experience conflict. They take many different forms, but they all put local people at the heart of peace-making – using their experiences, skills and expertise to combat conflict. 

    Pastor Ndebalet

    Her death was an enormous shock for me and my family and at first we wanted her killers to be executed. Today we have gotten over this shock. I have let go of my hate because violence and revenge do not solve problems.

    Pastor Ndebalet
    Central African Republic
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