Andrew Nethercott

Andrew joined Conciliation Resources in August 2017 as Caucasus Programme Manager. 

Steve Young

Steve joined Conciliation Resources in October 2017 as Caucasus Programme Manager. 

Jenny Norton

Jenny is a journalist with the BBC World Service and has spent much of her career following developments in the former Soviet Union, especially in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

She studied Russian at Leeds University and spent nearly three years in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in the late 1990s running the BBC's Central Asia bureau. She has returned to the region many times since, most notably in 2005 as one of the few western journalists to report on the violent crackdown on demonstrators in the eastern Uzbek city of Andijan.

Mira Sovakar

Mira joined Conciliation Resources as Caucasus Projects Manager in October 2008 and until 2016 facilitated dialogue processes and managed projects with a focus on good governance, youth engagement and media development, primarily in the Georgian-Abkhaz context. 

Dr Rachel Clogg

Rachel joined Conciliation Resources full-time in July 2001, after previously working as Caucasus Programme Associate. Prior to this she held the Max Hayward Research Fellowship at St.Antony's College, Oxford and worked as a lecturer in Russian at the University of North Wales, Bangor.

For several years Rachel worked as a volunteer/consultant for local and international organisations in the Caucasus. She has served on Quaker Peace and Social Witness committees concerning work in the former Soviet Union.

Dr Laurence Broers

Laurence worked at Conciliation Resources as Caucasus Projects Manager from November 2008 - December 2013. Before this he worked for more than two years at Amnesty International as a researcher on Armenia and Azerbaijan. In 2006 Laurence was issue editor for our Accord publication on the Nagorny Karabakh peace process.