Jhalak Subedi


Jhalak Subedi

Jhalak Subedi is a writer, former student leader and political activist with Marxist leanings. He was editor of the leading Nepali-language magazine on leftist thought, Mulyankan, and is currently affiliated with the daily Naya Patrika, writing on contemporary politics, political economy, and international affairs. He is the author of Nepali Bidhyarthi Andolan: Adha Shatabdi (Nepali Students’ Movement: Half a Century –1991); British Samrajyakaa Nepali Mohara (Nepali Pawns of the British Empire – 2012); Bhumi, Kisan ra Rajya (Land, Peasants and the State – 2016); and the novel, Adha Joon (Half Moon – 2013).

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