We work with people impacted by war and violence, bringing diverse voices together to make change that lasts. We are not afraid to ask challenging questions of people with influence, to help them find creative and inclusive solutions to violent conflict. We work quietly at the hard edges of conflict, and we are persistent in finding ways to get people to talk to each other. 

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LEARN from experience

Analysing conflicts and sharing learning

Analysis is the foundation of our work. Collaborating with others, we learn from diverse perspectives and real experiences, to understand the many factors that cause and sustain conflicts. We share lessons from peace processes across the globe and use past experience to shape solutions for the future – it’s central to everything we do.

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CONNECT everyone involved

Building relationships with communities and governments.

Developing trusted relationships and networks is vital. We connect groups in conflict who rarely speak or meet, across dangerous and often impassable divides. We work with all sections of society – from politicians to communities – reaching out to people who are bypassed by mainstream peace processes.


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BUILD sustainable solutions

Working together to find different responses.

Working in partnership, we find creative ways to initiate dialogue, solve problems and kick-start change when conflicts seem stuck. We accompany our partners, involve the community and influence governments to do things differently. The result – we help build peaceful and inclusive societies. 


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EQUIP through local ownership

Helping people affected by conflict make a change.

We work side-by-side with the people affected by conflict – providing connections, developing skills and equipping them to take part in peace processes. We bring people from regions of conflict to meetings with policymakers, so policies can be informed by those experiencing the impact of violence. All this means that their voices are heard, they lead initiatives and their insight drives action.

Making peace ultimately requires the firm commitment and extraordinary courage, on the part of all sides, to ensure a permanent end to violence. It also requires the determination and imagination of all parties to seek solutions, and build trust between communities who have been at loggerheads for decades.

Kofi Annan, October 2011. Speaking at the International Conference to promote resolution of the conflict in the Basque Country, which was co-sponsored by Conciliation Resources.