Jun 2019

New Netflix film highlights need to defend the peace in Colombia

Photo Credit: Cover photo, The Witness - Jesús Abad Colorado
A powerful new film about Colombian peacebuilder Jesús Abad Colorado, is now available to global audiences via Netflix.

At a time when Colombia’s peace deal seems increasingly under threat, the film aims to raise awareness of Colombia’s peacebuilders and encourage the international community to help defend the country’s peace deal, and those striving to implement it.

+Peace, an international coalition of peacebuilding organisations, including Conciliation Resources, is helping to raise awareness of the new film, entitled The Witness.

The film tells the story of Jesús Abad Colorado. When his family were murdered in rural Colombia, he bought a camera and dedicated the next 25 years to documenting the country’s civil war. In The Witness, Jesús goes in search of the subjects of his most iconic photographs to explore what it means to forgive the horrors of the past.

A peace deal was signed in 2016 between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), ending over 52 years of conflict. However, implementation of the peace deal is slow, and in 2018 more than 200 vocal advocates for the peace process were murdered.

Conciliation Resources has worked in Colombia since 2012, and alongside our partner CIASE we’ve been supporting indigenous women’s involvement in the peace process. We also work with Colombian diaspora women to ensure their stories and experiences of conflict and migration are included in the country’s official truth and reconciliation process.

Following preview screenings at Curzon UK and the Colombian Film Festival, The Witness launches internationally on NETFLIX on 28 June 2019.

Watch the trailer for The Witness below, and find out more about the film here.