Colombia is conducting the most important peace process in the world, which may terminate the last armed conflict in the American continent and one of the most violent conflicts globally.

Most Colombians have never experienced life in a country in peace. According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, an average of 15% of its population (some 6 million people) has been displaced internally due to the armed conflict making it the country the second highest number of internally displaced people in the world after Syria.

After three years of negotiations, the Government and the main guerrilla organisation, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), have announced a peace agreement by March 2016. If successful, Colombia will become a shining case to indicate there is a remedy to violence, no matter how deeply rooted.

Our Colombia Programme Director, Kristian Herbolzheimer shares some insights on The Huffington Post on the latest developments on the peace negotiations about the agreement on justice for the victims of the conflict. He also highlights the importance of finding multiple paths of peace that involve civil society to ensure change really happens.

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