Pathways to peace talks

How to get peace processes off the ground sustainably and inclusively is a vital but comparatively uncharted challenge for peace support. This Accord Spotlight explores priorities for more effective policy and practice.

Balancing risk and benefit: bank de-risking and the work of NGOs

In the years following 9/11, counter-terrorism laws, regulations, sanctions and policies have proliferated, many with the aim of curtailing non-state armed groups’ access to financial support. Several studies have shown how these measures impact the work of NGOs and civil society organisations providing humanitarian assistance or supporting peace efforts in these volatile contexts. One such impact is bank ‘de-risking’.

10 steps for peace in Afghanistan

The Eid ceasefires in June showed that peace is possible in Afghanistan and is supported across Afghan society. This Accord Policy Brief outlines ten incremental steps that the government of Afghanistan and international partners can take to advance peace, based on findings from our new Accord publication.

Expert analysis: between fighting and talking

In the midst of violence: local engagement with armed groups

Governments and the international community remain reluctant to allow space for dialogue with non-state armed groups and have a limited understanding of how to reach and influence them constructively. Yet whilst international policy remains ambiguous, local populations living alongside armed groups may already be in contact.

Lebanon - Where next for Hezbollah: resistance or reform?

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent

Bassel Saloukh examines the evolution of Hezbollah in Lebanon – as a political and social actor that maintains significant independent military capability. Developments inside and outside Lebanon have influenced Hezbollah’s progression from an armed militia and revolutionary party to one of Lebanon’s principal domestic political actors. Hezbollah’s refusal to disarm challenges the authority of the state and is anathema to many in the international community.

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