Ethiopia: persisting with peace

One year ago, the Ogaden National Liberation Front and the Government of Ethiopia signed an historic peace deal, ending nearly a quarter of a century of armed conflict in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia.

We were there, as we have been for the past seven years of negotiations, helping these two parties to reach a peace deal.

This film brings together some of the voices of this extraordinary peace process. Together, they tell the story of how over 20 years of fighting came to an end, and an armed group moved from war to peace.

Preparing populations for peace: Implications for Armenian-Azerbaijani peacebuilding

In January 2019, following a meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian Foreign Ministers in Paris, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe announced that the ministers had agreed on the necessity of ‘preparing their populations for peace’. This commitment, alongside a significant reduction in frontline violence and the power transition in Armenia, has driven speculation that the Armenian-Azerbaijani peace process may be gaining momentum. This discussion paper reviews the opportunities and risks facing the process in this new conjuncture.

A question of sovereignty: The Georgia–Abkhazia peace process


Accord issue 7, A question of sovereignty: The Georgia–Abkhazia peace process, explores the background and issues at the heart of the Georgia–Abkhazia conflict – the Abkhaz demand for sovereignty and why Georgia refuses to grant it. The publication offers an insight into a political stalemate. It flags possible avenues out of the deadlock, including the need for political constituencies on both sides to engage more effectively with the challenge of democratisation and economic cooperation.
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