Our vision

Our vision is to transform the way the world resolves violent conflict so that people work together to build peaceful and inclusive societies.

Our purpose

The world urgently needs different ways to respond to violent conflict. We must do this by working with communities living with conflict.

Our purpose is to bring people together to find creative and sustainable paths to peace. 

Our goals

To support our overarching mission, we have set ourselves three 2020 goals to work towards:

1. Causes and drivers of conflict are peacefully transformed

As a result of our support, relationships, governance practices and structures, and legacies of violence, which are obstacles to sustainable peace, are addressed.

2. Approaches to building peace support inclusion

As a result of our engagement, expertise and resources, peacebuilding and conflict prevention practice is more inclusive.

3. Policy is prioritising conflict prevention and peacebuilding

As a result of our efforts, relevant policymakers at international, national and regional levels make investments in long-term, non-violent approaches to preventing armed conflict and building peace, and in those working for peace in conflict contexts.

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Our values


We work in partnership to tackle violence, exclusion, injustice and inequality.


We are imaginative and resourceful in how we influence change.


We are not afraid to face difficult conversations and defy convention.


We are dedicated and resilient in the long journey to lasting peace.


UN Global Compact

Conciliation Resources supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and we pledge to participate in and engage with this initiative. Read more