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The coronavirus pandemic is generating misinformation and the spread of rumours in many places. This in turn causes fear among populations, fuelling existing tensions and leading to mistrust and violence.

We are working with local peacebuilders who are using their trusted relationships and networks to share vital information to help stop the spread of the virus. Samuel Goro works for Centre for Peace Advancement in Nigeria (CEPAN):

"Despite the news that is filtering around the world of how thousands of people are being infected or dying of the coronavirus, there are still some people in Nigeria who live in denial of its existence. This attitude puts people at higher risk of contracting coronavirus, and it shows clearly that there is no adequate awareness creation and sensitisation among the citizens. Therefore, it is imperative that CEPAN and its local partners embark on vigorous awareness creation and sensitisation.”

Our partners are supporting people who are affected or isolated, particularly in communities where the government reach is limited. Feroze Ahmed, is based in Srinagar, Indian-Administered Kashmir and works for the Human Welfare Voluntary Organisation: 

“We are responding directly to the COVID-19 crisis, we have been able to mobilise resources and have provided the necessary support to vulnerable families, also working with the government on the coordination of the efforts across agencies at state level.”

While ceasefires have been called in some places due to the virus, conflict in many places continues. The peacebuilders we work with are finding creative ways to adapt to the crisis so they can continue to play their vital roles.

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