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Introduction: pioneering peace pathways
Pioneering peace pathways
Emily Deeming Fri, 09/04/2020 - 18:35

This Accord publication incubated during an exceptional period in international peace and security. Given the dramatic start to 2020 it could not be more apt. Covid-19 has shaken up the business model of mediation and peace process support. As this edition goes to press in August 2020 there has been an ‘innovation explosion’ in the space of a few months with significant parts of peace processes moving online. The embrace of technology that otherwise might have taken many years to realise is one fascinating development.

Negotiating peace in Ethiopia

Does change in Ethiopia offer hope for Ogaden peace talks?

The Somali Regional State of Ethiopia (SRS – also known as Ogaden region) has a long history of armed conflict - inter-state wars, clan clashes, insurgencies and counter-insurgencies. Since 1994, the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has been waging an armed insurgency against the Government of Ethiopia in the region. It’s a conflict that has threatened the stability, security and development prospects of Ethiopia, but is often overlooked – both regionally and internationally. But in the last two months, the SRS is hitting the headlines – and there seems to be some good news.

Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub contains more than 1,500 resources to explore. We share lessons from peace processes across the globe and use past experience to shape solutions for the future.

Peace Research Partnership

Engaging armed groups

Talking with armed groups is often an essential part of ending violent conflict. We engage with armed groups to build peace and provide guidance for doing so to others.

Why criminalise dialogue with terrorists?

Mediators currently risk 15 years in a US prison for engaging with 'terrorist' groups for peacebuilding reasons. Andy Carl and Sophie Haspeslagh of Conciliation Resources explain more in this article.
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