Mary Jean Alonday Liberato

Mary Jean Alonday Liberato joined Conciliation Resources as Mindanao Projects Officer in March 2018. 

Laura Raicu

Laura Raicu joined Conciliation Resources as Papua New Guinea Programme Officer in May 2018.  Before joining Conciliation Resources, Laura mentored a team of local volunteers in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, working with them to address the negative impact the civil conflict had on access to education. Laura has a strong interest in addressing the traumatic effects conflicts have on forcibly displaced people and she has previously worked on supporting the settlement of migrant and refugee communities in Australia through advocacy, project management, research and policy work.

Kate Higgins

Kate Higgins joined Conciliation Resources as Pacific Projects Manager in June 2018. Kate has worked in the Melanesian region for over a decade in peacebuilding and community development. Kate has a strong interesting in the areas of governance and peace and finding was to work with local strengths to address peace and conflict issues in Melanesian communities. Kate holds a PhD in Political Science from The University of Queensland, Australia.