West Africa

We work in Nigeria and the Mano River region, developing community-led peacebuilding initiatives which put the people most affected by conflicts at the center of efforts to resolve them.

The role of community peacebuilders in a pandemic: what we learnt from the Ebola crisis

As COVID-19 takes hold in the UK and elsewhere, we’re being asked to put our faith in our government, our health officials and security services. To put our lives on hold, to stay at home, and to trust that this is the best way to slow the spread of the disease. It’s hard to overstate how important this trust is, because in West Africa we experienced what happens when this trust isn’t there – and just how vital local peacebuilders are for building a bridge between communities and government institutions.

Young people are the key to stopping Boko Haram

Boko Haram began like many other Islamic movements - geared towards promoting religious values. Their vision of building an Islamic State, and replacing the existing Government that they see as corrupt and ineffective, was attractive to many. They quickly established a system of leadership that was capable of recruiting and retaining members, as well as combatants.

Ebola: beyond the health crisis

Ebola was not just a health crisis. In the already tense border regions of West Africa the epidemic, and attempts to control it, sparked fresh waves of violence. Conciliation Resources has been supporting local peacebuilders to reunite and reconcile communities, survivors and local authorities.

Empowering young people in central Nigeria

One of the main causes of religious tensions in the central Nigerian city of Jos is growing youth militancy. Conciliation Resources is supporting an initiative that works with at-risk youth to transform them from aggressors of violence to facilitators of peace.

Beyond reintegration towards reconciliation

In August 2014 the World Health Organisation declared Ebola a ‘global health emergency’. Two years on, the health crisis has passed but the epidemic caused social divisions and tensions that are still having repercussions today.

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