Accord Insight: Women building peace

Mar 2013
Accord Insight Women building peace cover
This first Accord Insight presents nine articles drawn from previous editions of Accord that examine the roles women have played in addressing violence and building peace. The publication documents women’s first hand peacebuilding practice: the challenges they faced, the opportunities they created and the lessons they have drawn from their experiences.

Gender, inclusion and political settlements

Navigating inclusion in peace processes
Mar 2019
Sophia Close, Catherine O’Rourke and Zahbia Yousuf introduce the idea of ‘gendering political settlements’ – paying attention to gender in relation to how power is administered, and to how it influences institutions and the distribution of resources. The authors recognise that the challenges of gender inequality are rarely fully addressed in peace processes.

Borderlands and peacebuilding

Nov 2018
Accord Borderlands and peacebuilding
This fourth Accord Insight publication looks at peacebuilding in borderland regions and how peace and transition processes address the interests of borderland communities. It offers new ways of working with borderland communities and conflicts, highlighting how policymakers and peacebuilders can respond more effectively to conflict challenges at the border. This publication is an output of the Political Settlements Research Programme.

Northern Ireland

Brexiting borderlands: the vulnerabilities of the Irish peace process
Nov 2018


David Donoghue

David Donoghue is a former senior Irish diplomat whose achievements include securing global agreement on the Sustainable Development Goals and brokering the first ever UN agreement on refugees and migrants.

Northern Ireland – peace, resilience and community activism

A recent study of community activism in Northern Ireland highlights resilience as a key outcome of the contribution of community action during times of both violence and tentative peacebuilding.

New Accord publication on reconciliation and peace processes

"Transforming relationships is not simply a post-conflict endeavour but a continuous process that can start at an earlier stage, before a formal settlement."

Key websites - Accord Reconciliation and peace processes

Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships
Sep 2016

Key websites referenced in the case studies of the Accord Insight 3, Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships 

Further reading - Accord Reconciliation and peace processes

Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships
Sep 2016

A suggested further reading list on reconciliation and dealing with legacies of violence, with sections focusing on the Accord Insight 3's four case study contexts - the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, Colombia, Mindanao (Philippines) and Northern Ireland. 

From enemies to partners? Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships
Sep 2016

Duncan Morrow discusses how reconciliation has provided a crucial direction for efforts to move away from violent conflict towards peaceful partnership in Northern Ireland, shaping and being sustained in large part by a wide variety of grassroots interventions.