Film: Incremental peace in Afghanistan

A radical new approach is needed in Afghanistan to build peace step-by-step. In this film, Accord editors Anna Larson and Alexander Ramsbotham, and Accord adviser Michael Semple, discuss what you can expect from the publication.

Nine priorities for peace in Afghanistan

After 25 years of civil war in Afghanistan, today progress towards a peace process is increasingly seen as central to securing a just and stable future. But to date, there has been little analysis of what a process might actually look like.

Processing peace in Afghanistan

This Accord spotlight summarises discussions from a workshop to explore priorities for peace in Afghanistan. It looks at six key themes; peacemaking in perspective, terminology, inclusion, understanding divisions, re-centring the regional stage and processing peace.

Emily Deeming Wed, 07/31/2019 - 15:38

Internationalisation and inclusiveness in Afghan peace processes

Navigating inclusion in peace processes
Michael Semple examines how international engagement has affected inclusion in peacemaking in Afghanistan. He looks at four peace initiatives with varying levels of ‘inclusion ambition’ – the Geneva process, the establishment of the Taliban office in Qatar, and the Peshawar and Bonn processes. The analysis stresses the potential of sequencing the peacemaking agenda to enable participation of warring parties to achieve agreement on controlling violence, leading to subsequent negotiation processes to address governance, institutions and the social contract.

Inclusion in peace processes

There is a broad global consensus that inclusion matters in peace processes. Now, we need to better understand what this means in practice. This Accord explores who should be involved in a peace process, the challenges this creates and how these can be overcome.
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