Owning the process: Public participation in peacemaking
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From 1990 to 1996 northern Mali experienced a separatist war that degenerated along ethnic lines, tearing local communities apart.

Kåre Lode introduces the historical background to the conflict as well as its dynamics and the official peace processes, including the Tamanrasset Agreement, the National Conference and the National Pact.

He describes these processes’ failure to include all the relevant communities and address their needs or to bring peace. Instead, self-managed grassroots level inter-ethnic meetings were held and resulted in localised peace accords and reconciliation. 

The experience paved the way for post-conflict peacebuilding and laid the foundations for self-managed development programmes and local self-governance that have begun to address problems that were initially at the root of the conflict.

Kåre Lode

These processes were then integrated into the national peace process, demobilisation programme and democratisation process, and created the means to address the local causes of the conflict.