Peacebuilding amidst war in northern Myanmar
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Accord issue: 
Insight 4


Patrick Meehan then provides an analysis of Myanmar’s north-western  borderlands with China and Thailand, critically reflecting on  the overly optimistic framing of Myanmar’s so-called ‘triple  transition’. The article explores why a nationwide ceasefire has been so difficult to reach, and how peacebuilding, humanitarian  and community development initiatives in Kachin State and  northern Shan State continue to face huge challenges despite  the country’s democratic transition and formal peace process. While statebuilding, development and peacebuilding have been  instituted from the centre, this has in fact provoked new modes  of violence in borderland areas as national and sub-national elites have sought to consolidate power there. Reflecting on  the hybrid authorities and multiple international, national  and local actors that must be navigated and appeased, the  author suggests how international actors can re-orient their  engagement with the peace process.