Our vision

A world where people work together to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Our goals

We provide practical support to help people affected by violent conflict achieve lasting peace. We draw on our shared experiences to improve peacebuilding policies and practice worldwide.

We aim to:

  • Promote understanding of peaceful ways to resolve conflicts
  • Create opportunities for dialogue between divided communities
  • Strengthen peacebuilding policies and practice  
  • Support people to build peace


Lasting resolutions to conflict require far more effort than just a politician’s signature on a treaty. The peace processes that work are those that are founded on a broad spectrum of initiatives in which citizens play a full role.

Andy Carl, Conciliation Resources’ Executive Director

Our values


We believe in working together to build peace. We work closely with groups and individuals from all sections of society, including local peacebuilders and governments, to ensure that people directly affected by violent conflict are involved in its resolution.


We are dedicated to creating a just and lasting peace. We know that building peace takes time and so make commitments for the long-term.


We appreciate the complexities of each conflict, and use our knowledge and expertise to adapt our approaches.


We are bold in our thinking and passionate in our convictions. We are prepared to challenge assumptions and find new ways to influence change.