Lebanon: a fate beyond its control? (Open Security)

Sep 2012
With violence in Syria making the headlines, Zahbia Yousuf and Marie-Joelle Zahar examine to what extent Lebanon can be responsible for its own fate, plus who's working to build peace, and how.

Meeting on women’s participation in peace processes

Nov 2010
Women are fundamental to conflict resolution work. Kristian Herbolzheimer of Conciliation Resources expands on this in light of other general trends at a meeting about women's participation in peace processes.

A question for the global community

Aug 2008
As Russia agrees to a ceasefire, Rachel Clogg of Conciliation Resources looks in this article at two crucial questions about its conflict with Georgia: how did the conflict come about and where do we go from here?

Angola, imperfect peace

Jan 2005
In this article published by Developments magazine, Huw Spanner looks at Conciliation Resources' report on Angola's civil war and says that several of the important lessons within it can be applied to other African conflicts.

Falling through the net: The challenges for returning adult ex-combatants in northern Uganda

Aug 2004
This unique report, supported by Conciliation Resources, focuses specifically on the experiences of adult, rather than children, returnees from the Lord's Resistance Army.

A path to peace: Indigenous conflict transformation and peacebuilding in southern Sierra Leone

Apr 2004
The peace monitors system in Sierra Leone is an excellent example of local initiatives producing their own successful solutions. This article by Mariama Conteh explains how Conciliation Resources supports such efforts.

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