In New Light

May 2015
This new report examines the protection of civilians, the Lord's Resistance Army and the African Union Regional Task Force.

Responding to Ebola-driven conflict

Mar 2015
Working with local organisations and communities in the border regions of Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Conciliation Resources will contribute to the prevention and mitigation of violence triggered or exacerbated by the Ebola crisis, and official responses to it.

Peace and security along the Ivorian-Liberian border: the local perspective

Feb 2015

Set against a backdrop of periodic violence, the Ebola epidemic, weak governance and complex local, national and regional antagonisms, this report documents the greatest sources of insecurity along the Ivorian-Liberian border. It presents the views of both the local border population and government officials working in the region and explores to what extent their explanations differ.

This report is based on a survey of over 200 people and a subsequent series of focus group discussions from four Ivorian-Liberian border region communities. 

Unheard voices: engaging youth of Gilgit-Baltistan

Jan 2015
Set against a backdrop of conflict and constitutional limbo, Gilgit-Baltistan's youth talk about the pressing sociopolitical and economic problems they face. 
This report is based on a series of focus group discussions drawn from across the community and from responses to a questionnaire with the participation of 425 young people aged 18–35.

Обсуждение условий доступа и безопасности

Jan 2015
Обсуждение условий доступа и безопасности: Сценарии коридоров и передвижения в Лачине и за его пределами

Negotiating access and security

Jan 2015
Geography, and questions of access to territory, are key concerns driving conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis who for many years have had no access to each other’s societies or territories controlled by the other side. This discussion paper incorporates a number of perspectives through which the issue of access is understood today. While identifying areas of clear disagreement, 
it also explores points of convergence, asking whether this issue can be reframed as a solution to a common problem.

Peace processes

Jan 2015
This position paper explores current approaches to peace processes and how they should be strengthened in order to promote the conditions for durable peace, and the work we do to support peace processes that go beyond official talks and represent diverse constituencies.

La violence transfrontalière et les réponses politiques aux dynamiques transfrontalières entre la Côte d’Ivoire et le Liberia

Sep 2014
L’objet de cette recherche est la région frontalière entre la Côte d’Ivoire et le Liberia. La violence prolongée qui affecte la région depuis de nombreuses années découle des conflits internes qui ont touché les deux pays à différentes époques, et qui ont eu des dynamiques et des implications régionales.

Cross-border Violence as an External Stress: Policy Responses to Cross-border Dynamics on the Border between Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia

Sep 2014

One of the key issues identified in the new policy literature on external stress is the incidence of cross-border violence and the current lack of efficient and permanent mechanisms supported by international organisations, governments and civil society to deal with the violence. The focus of this research is the border region between Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia. The protracted violence which has affected the region for many years stems from the internal conflicts which afflicted both countries at different times, and which had regional dynamics and implications.

Dépossédés : le sort des civils dans les zones de la République démocratique du Congo touchées par la présence de l’Armée de résistance du Seigneur

Aug 2014

A l’extrémité nord-est de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC), la vie quotidienne est dominée par une insécurité́ chronique marquée par des attaques répétées de l’Armée de résistance du Seigneur (Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA), des affrontements avec un nombre croissant d’éleveurs Mbororo et des actes de banditisme. Ce rapport analyse les défis de la protection des civils dans les zones touchées par la LRA en RDC et propose des moyens concrets pour faire progresser les initiatives en cours.


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