Ethical Pact for a Country in Peace

Feb 2014
A group of women from diverse sectors of Colombian society have launched a new peacebuilding initiative, the Ethical Pact for a Country in Peace. The Pact calls on Colombian society, policymakers and the international community to support the ‘transformation’ of Colombian society to a peaceful one, by signing-up to 15 actions.

El Pacto ético por un país en paz

Feb 2014
Un grupo de mujeres de diversos sectores de la sociedad colombiana han lanzado una nueva iniciativa para la construcción de paz: el Pacto ético por un país en paz. El pacto convoca a la sociedad, los diseñadores de políticas y la comunidad internacional a apoyar la “transformación” de la sociedad colombiana hacia una pacífica,por medio de la firma de hasta 15 acciones.

An Analysis: 2013 Fiji Government Constitution

Sep 2013

This document – produced by our partners the Citizens' Constitutional Forum – aims to provide an objective analysis of the Fiji Government Constitution that was presented on 22 August 2013 and assented on the 6 September 2013 (with amendments and revisions).

Tutaka: CCF Fiji newsletter

Jul 2013

The quarterly newsletter of the Citizens' Constitutional Forum, Fiji

Volume 7, Issue 2: June 2013 - download full PDF via link above

Renewed military operations in DRC could impact demobilisation & return activities

May 2013

We, Congolese civil society organization in LRA affected areas, have recently been informed that MONUSCO Ituri Brigade wants to launch in three weeks' time a military offensive operations against the LRA in Garamba National Park. There are currently DDR efforts to help defection of a large group of LRA. We fear this military intervention would jeopardize current and future initiatives to encourage defection and return of LRA abductees, which can in turn help end the violence. 

Les opérations militaires dans la zone affectée par la LRA en RDC risquent de menacer les initiatives de DDR en cours

May 2013

Nous, les Organisations de la Société Civile dans la zone affectée par la LRA, avons été récemment informées que la BRIGADE ITURI de la MONUSCO planifie une offensive militaire contre la LRA dans le Parc national de la Garamba dans trois semaines. Il y a actuellement une initiative pour faciliter le retour d‘un groupe de rescapés de la LRA. Nous craignons que cette intervention militaire mette en péril les initiatives présentes et futures visant à encourager la défection et le retour des hommes, femmes et enfants kidnappés par la LRA.

Listing terrorists: the impact of proscription on third-party efforts to engage armed groups in peace processes

Apr 2013

'Listing terrorists: the impact of proscription on third-party efforts to engage armed groups in peace processes – a practitioner's perspective'

This article explores the effects of proscription – the act of listing an armed group as a designated terrorist organisation – as an example of how international counterterrorist policy can impact on the possibility for third-party actors to engage with listed armed groups in the context of peace processes.

Event: Conflict prevention and the EU – what role for the UK?

Apr 2013

Tuesday 30 April 2013, 11am–3.30pm. Westminister, London

  • Session 1: The role of the EEAS in conflict prevention and peacebuilding
    Chair: Phil Vernon, International Alert
  • Session 2: Supporting conflict prevention and peacebuilding through EU development assistance
    Chair: David Newton, Conciliation Resources

For full event details and RSVP instructions please download the draft agenda.

Event: Fiji’s constitutional stand-off – consequences for inter-ethnic relations

Apr 2013

This seminar in London on Wednesday 24 April 2013 will bring together policymakers, academics and representatives of non-governmental organisations with a special interest in Fiji.

The findings of CCF and MRG's new report Fiji: the Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity – based on field research into ethnic relations and anti-discrimination measures in Fiji – will be presented at the event.

Fiji Government Draft Constitution: What you need to know

Apr 2013

This booklet contains a comparative analysis of the Fiji Government Draft Constitution (GDC) 2013, with the 2012 Draft Constitution by the Yash Ghai Commission and the 1997 Constitution of Fiji.

The information is intended to provide readers with an informative review of the 2013 GDC, and assist readers with preparation to respond to the Fiji Government public consultations on the GDC.


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