Implications of the US Government’s ‘material support laws’ for international peacebuilding

Jun 2011

In this presentation given in Sweden, Andy Carl highlights the serious implications for peacebuilding of anti-terrorist and material support laws.

Peacebuilding works: A British foreign policy priority

Nov 2006
On the organisation's 10th anniversary, Andy Carl of Conciliation Resources makes a speech about how peacebuilding is more important than ever and shares some recommendations for the British government.

Presentation by Celia McKeon at the Public Forum on Armed Groups in Peace Processes

Sep 2005
In these notes from a presentation by Celia McKeon, she emphasises the importance and value of civil society engagement with armed groups.

Public seminar on engagement of armed groups in peace processes

Sep 2005
In this presentation by Clem McCartney at the Public Seminar on Engagement of Armed Groups in Peace Processes, he looks at the experiences of civil society in their engagement with armed groups.

ABRA workshop on engagement of armed groups in peace processes

Sep 2005
These notes outline the questions that were asked at a workshop to discuss the engagement of armed groups in peace processes and provide a brief overview of each of the topics discussed.

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