Governance and Transparency Fund: Annual Report 5

Jun 2013

This is Conciliation Resources' fifth and final annual report for the Department for International Development's Global and Transparency Fund. The report covers the period 1 April 2012 – 31 March 2013 and relates to Conciliation Resources' work to increase government accountability in conflict zones through public participation in policymaking. The regions the project focuses on are West Africa, Uganda/South Sudan, the Georgian–Abkhaz conflict region, and Fiji.

Film screening at SOAS: Memories Without Borders

Mar 2013
Join us at SOAS on Friday 22 March 2013 for a film screening of Memories Without Borders, a documentary film made by Turkish, Armenian and Azerbaijani filmmakers.

Роль ЕС в трансформации конфликта: грузинские и абхазские взгляды

Mar 2012

В конце 2011 г. грузинские и абхазские партнеры Conciliation Resources провели серию углубленных интервью и фокус-групп. Были опрошены респонденты из семи районов по обе стороны конфликта. Среди опрошенных были учителя, предприниматели, политики, журналисты и активисты гражданского общества. Результаты исследования общественного мнения легли в основу краткого аналитического обзора на тему грузино-абхазского конфликта, опубликованногo Concilitation Resourcses и Saferworld в марте 2012 г.

EU's role in conflict resolution: Georgian and Abkhaz perspectives

Mar 2012

Conciliation Resources' Georgian and Abkhaz partners carried out a series of focus groups in late 2011. Participants in seven locations across the conflict divide included teachers, businesspeople,  politicians, journalists and civil society activists. Their findings contributed to a policy brief on the Georgian–Abkhaz conflict, published by Conciliation Resources and Saferworld in March 2012 as part of the People's Peacemaking Perspectives project.

Построение мира глазами людей: грузино-абхазский конфликт - концептуальная записка

Mar 2012

Прошло двадцать лет со времени начала грузино-абхазской войны в 1992 году. В центре этого конфликта - одного из многих конфликтов, которыми сопровождался распад Советского союза, лежит противоречие между принципами территориальной целостности и права  наций на самоопределение. До сих пор не урегулированный конфликт порождает нестабильность, глубокое недоверие и затянувшееся вынужденное перемещение людей, а также негативно влияет на экономический рост и развитие.

People's Peacemaking Perspectives: Georgian–Abkhaz conflict – Policy brief

Mar 2012

It's 20 years since the start of the Georgian-Abkhaz war in 1992. At the heart of the conflict, one of a number that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union, is a contest between territorial integrity and self-determination.

The conflict has persisted to this day and brings with it insecurity, deep mistrust, long-term displacement and serious constraints on growth and development.

Paix sans frontières: building peace across borders

Jan 2011
War does not respect political or territorial boundaries. This twenty-second Accord publication looks at how peacebuilding strategies and capacity can ‘think outside the state’: beyond it, through regional engagement, and below it, through cross-border community or trade networks. Edited by Alexander Ramsbotham and I William Zartman, Paix sans frontières: building peace across borders includes 20 case studies from Asia, Europe and the Caucasus, to East, Central and West Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Articles also explore cross-border peacebuilding from global, systems analysis and legal perspectives, and focus on themes ranging from politics, governance and security, social and community relations, and trade and natural resources.

Consortium Initiative press release: NGOs ask for more transparency in the Karabakh peace process

Nov 2008
This press release from Consortium Initiative, of which Conciliation Resources is a member, recommends that the three co-Chairmen of the OSCE Minsk Process include non-state actors in peace dialogues.

Provide opportunities for dialogue

Oct 2008
This extract from Conciliation Resources' annual review details two case studies which show the value of dialogue in ending conflicts.


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