Event: Conflict prevention and the EU – what role for the UK?

Apr 2013

Tuesday 30 April 2013, 11am–3.30pm. Westminister, London

  • Session 1: The role of the EEAS in conflict prevention and peacebuilding
    Chair: Phil Vernon, International Alert
  • Session 2: Supporting conflict prevention and peacebuilding through EU development assistance
    Chair: David Newton, Conciliation Resources

For full event details and RSVP instructions please download the draft agenda.

Listing terrorists: the impact of proscription on third-party efforts to engage armed groups in peace processes

Apr 2013

'Listing terrorists: the impact of proscription on third-party efforts to engage armed groups in peace processes – a practitioner's perspective'

This article explores the effects of proscription – the act of listing an armed group as a designated terrorist organisation – as an example of how international counterterrorist policy can impact on the possibility for third-party actors to engage with listed armed groups in the context of peace processes.

Event on 31 Oct in Washington: From Conflict Analysis to Peacebuilding Impact

Oct 2012
This panel discussion on 31 October 2012 features two speakers from Conciliation Resources, who will present the conclusions of the People's Peacemaking Perspectives (PPP) project.

Building stability overseas strategy

Jul 2011
Britain's special experience and resources can help to prevent conflicts overseas. This cross-department government report details the strategy it intends to take in this respect.

United States Institute of Peace Special Report: Mediating peace with proscribed armed groups

May 2010
In what circumstances is it appropriate to engage with violent groups? This report by United States Institute of Peace summarises debates between experts, including Conciliation Resources, on the subject.

Dili declaration: A new vision for peacebuilding and statebuilding

Apr 2010
As fragile states face massive challenges in trying to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, representatives at the 2010 International Dialogue meeting in Dili make this declaration.

Background paper: Voices of civil society organizations on peacebuilding and statebuilding

Mar 2010
'Peacebuilding is a life time mission, rather than a project or a program' - this paper presents these and other observations made during the consultation of civil society organisations by Interpeace.

UN resolution 1325

Oct 2000
UN resolution 1325 gives much needed protection to women affected by conflicts and reaffirms the importance of their role in peacebuilding efforts.

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